Positive Jobs Report Somewhat Misleading

The February jobs report was just released and, at first glance, it appears very positive.  New jobs exceeded expectations by about 45,000 – a very nice figure for President Trumps first full month in office.  Even with the 235,000 new jobs added, economic analysts are advising the public to temper their enthusiasm.

Joe Rigby, a veteran Economic and Workforce adviser, explains, “Yes, there were a lot of jobs added in February, which is good, but most of the new positions were border patrol agents.  Actually, all but 4 of the 235,000 jobs created were border patrol jobs.”

This raises some concerns from both parties in Congress since there hasn’t been any approved budgets to pay for the new employees.  The White House says don’t worry.  Sean Spicer spoke to the media today and was asked how the President planned on paying for the new positions.  Spicer’s answer should be shocking to us, but at this point, nothing surprises us with this administration.  “It simple, fools.  The President has filled 234,996 border patrol positions which is 10% of his overall goal.  The best part about the new border workforce is that the President says that Mexico is going to pay them for us.”

If this is true, it would be the first time in the history of civilization that one country paid another country’s citizens to keep their own citizens in their country.

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