Group of Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys Elect Tom Perez DNC Chair

A large gathering of 448 deaf, dumb, and blind Democratic National Committee members gathered at the Westin Peach Tree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta and in a stunning display of lack of self-awareness and self-reflection elected Tom Perez as their Chairman. Perez, who is both an Obama and Clinton Appointee and who has many ties with the corporate wing of the Democratic party, was voted in by a 54% margin of Democratic leaders who are apparently totally oblivious to the fact that they lost the last election, Trump is President, they control neither House of Congress, and have lost all but a third of the States. Incognizant of the fact that their ideas and strategies have lead to crushing defeats in the last four election cycles Democratic leaders decided to ”stay the course.

One of the heedless monkeys was on record as saying “Deb was great, she’s such a wonderful human being and she did really great things for the party, Tom Perez is going to have some big shoes to fill.” (Debbie Wasserman Shultz was forced to resign in disgrace after Wikileaks released a collection of Emails clearly showing that she rigged the primary in favor of Sec. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders) Another nescient, inattentive primate in attendance, who was inexplicably given a vote in the contest, stated, “Clinton didn’t do anything wrong, no mistakes were made. If anything she should have given more speeches for Goldman Sachs. We can’t sit back and allow the other side to be the only party whose politicians are wholesale owned by corporations and Wall Street banks, we’ll never win again unless we act exactly Republicans.”


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