Gaggle Does Not Mean What Trump Thinks it Means

At 4:07 A.M. (Eastern Standard Time) President Trump tweeted out, “Gonna give a big speech today for the suckers at CPAC, then gonna get my easy D gaggled by some reporters.” The Twitter rant continued, “Everyone one is going to get a turn at my easy D, it’s the biglyest, there’s no problem there, let me tell you nobody knows better than me ” The Twitter storm continued, “Everyone gets a turn except fake news #CNN and #FailingNewYorkTimes, they give terrible gaggle and everyone knows it”

Sources close to the actual CNN and New York Times reporters assigned to cover the CPAC event initially decried their exclusion from the press gaggle (assuming it was going to be an informal briefing by the White House Press Secretary which is on the record, but disallows videography) as an affront to the first amendment, which guarantees freedom of the press. After reading Trump’s tweets from early in the morning the CNN and Times reporters privately expressed tremendous relief as a result of being barred from the event.


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