Caitlyn Jenner = One Mad Chick with a… Bone to Pick (I almost said dick)

The transgender community took a kick to their undesired ball sacks yesterday, as the Trump administration rolled back an Obama law which was put in place to guarantee bathroom choice.  The President believes that such decisions should be up to individual states and not the federal government.

She-males across the country strongly disagree.  Leading the charge is none other than Caitlyn Jenner; the poster boy/girl for the transgender community.  Jenner picked a fight with the President, and she picked it right on Trump’s home turf: Twitter.  Jenner tweeted “@POTUS is a piece of shit! #Not My Bathroom”  Trump was quick to retaliate, “Hello, BRUCE.  Did you decide to be a man or a woman today? #Pussy Boy”  Caitlyn came firing right back, “@POTUS can suck my dick! #Yeah I still Have One”

The Twittersphere awaits the Commander and Chiefs response.   Meanwhile, young trannys face uncertainty as they head to school today.  Will they be peeing standing up or sitting down?  That’s for Trump to decide.


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