Trump – “Drugs are Cheaper than Candy Bars.” What Does this Mean for your Portfolio?

President Trump gave the people a lot to talk about following his Thursday press conference.  While most of the post-presser coverage has focused on the pure insanity of the event, there were a couple of valid points made the President, one of which might have a direct effect on YOUR wallet.

Early in the press conference, Trump referenced the rarely used “Candy Bar:Drug Index”, or commonly, the CBDI.  The President stated that “drugs are cheaper than candy bars”, which would indicate an all-time low in the CBDI.  Trump failed to mention that drugs are also MUCH more fun and a better long term investment.

Now would be a good time to take a look at your portfolio and think about transitioning out of candy bars and into drugs.

Our advice to you – Buy low, sell high (but not too high, you still need to be able to function).


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