RAGE!!! Trump Slaps Spicer, Leaves a Mark!

Frustration at the White House reached the tipping point earlier today, resulting in an executive order for White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, to “shut the fuck up”, followed by a slap to the face delivered by the President.  Reports indicate that the slap was so hard that it could be heard throughout the entire building.  Spicer also has a freakishly small hand print on his right cheek which, presumably, came at the tiny hands of President Trump.

According to our source, tensions have been mounting throughout the administration.  Another source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has told us that Trump was actually planning on sneaking up on Spicer while he stood at the podium during his daily press conference and slapping the shit out of him in front of the media and cameras.

“Trump thought it would have a bigger impact if everyone saw it, but Bannon talked him out of it,” the source continued, “The President’s tiny hands cut through the air like a bull whip.  It was pretty fucking funny to watch Spicer cry like a little baby.”

Spicer and Trump both declined to comment on the event, but Trump did take to Twitter a few moments ago with the following statement, “@SeanSpicer just got bitch slapped by @POTUS. Won’t be the last time! #Grow A Pair”


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