Trump Talks “Nuclear Holocaust” During Press Conference. “BAD!”

President Trump told Sean Spicer to fuck off and held his own awkward and confrontational “press conference” today, where he actually praised various reporters for asking him “nice easy questions”.  Of course, most of the media was anxious to ask about the growing scandal involving the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.  The President didn’t consider these questions “nice”.  Whenever he was asked the question that he had to know was coming, Trump became impatient and hostile.  At one point, he dropped a top secret security nugget on all of us.  I paraphrase…

“We are a very powerful nuclear power.  So is Russia.  I’ve been briefed.  They are powerful.  Nuclear Holocaust like no other (that’s an actual quote) would be a bad thing.”

Trump then went on to lecture everyone in the room, and the people watching at home, why he shouldn’t be questioned and that his administration is doing the best job in the history of the world.

No one knows for sure which of the two nuclear powerhouses has the more girthy stockpile of atomic weapons.  Putin and Trump have always been in the “size doesn’t matter” camp and neither is willing to disclose statistics.


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