Unexpected Renovations Begin at White House

Yesterday afternoon, the Washington D.C. Office of Buildings and Permits issued a residential building permit for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The home at this address is commonly known as “The White House”.  The new renovations to the Presidential residence will mark the largest construction project on the property since building originally began in 1792.

What do the renovations include?  A complete alteration of the exterior facade which include many uniquely Russian architectural features.  In fact, some might say the new White House looks like a replica of the Kremlin.

Sean Spicer, who has emerged as the media sweet heart of the new administration, based mostly upon what appears to be a genuine discomfort with lying (opposed to the rest of the administration’s gleeful proliferation of bullshit), was asked if he saw the resemblance between the new White House and the Kremlin.  Spicer answered, “No.”

We reached out to the White House for further comment.  They released the following statement:

“Any resemblance between the two buildings is merely coincidence.  Besides, the new design isn’t even remotely close to the Kremlin.  Any dummy can see that.  The bigger story here is why the fuck are you second guessing Spicer’s reply?”


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