Strange Day at White House – Trudeau Forced to Box Spicer in First Visit

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was prepared for a sparring match when he arrived at the White House earlier today.  “I was ready to challenge the new President, philosophically, when I got here.  I wasn’t ready to actually box.”  Trudeau, a former Canadian boxer, was surprised to find Sean Spicer gloved up and ready to roll.

Sources are telling us that Spicer was calling the Prime Minister “Madame Trudeau” while walking around like a chicken and clucking.  At one point, Spicer referred to Trudeau as the Governor of North Minnesota.  That taunt proved to be enough as Trudeau quickly landed a Mike Tyson-esque left hook, sending Spicer to the marble floor of the White House.

Donald Trump watched live, while Vladimir Putin joined in via Skype.  Trump says that, “an alliance with Canada is very important to my administration.  They represent the quickest route to my beloved Vladimir.”  Trump added, “It’s always nice to watch Spicer get his ass kicked.  I just told Bannon to tea bag him while he’s knocked out.”


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