Obama Describes Difficult Transition Period with President Trump

President Barack Obama was expecting a challenge.  “I didn’t think it was going to be an easy or comfortable transition.  We’ve had a strained relationship to say the least.  At times it’s been rather ugly,” explained Obama.  “But it’s absolutely necessary to put your differences to the side to make sure the transfer of power happens seamlessly.”  Just like it has 44 times prior to the January 2017 Trump transition.

But Trump isn’t a “typical President” and this wouldn’t be a typical transition.  “The man’s like a fucking retard.  And, yes, I am well aware that retard isn’t a word that we are supposed to use anymore, but that’s the only way to explain it.  He’s old fashioned retarded.”  Obama continues, “He doesn’t get it man.  90% of our time together he was either focused on Tweeting, or he’d keep asking me ‘are black guys really bigger?  C’mon, let me see it.’  That was the whole fucking transition.”

Barack Obama, a man known for his cool composure and stoic demeanor, is clearly getting aggravated as he recalls the 7 days that he now refers to as “hell week”.  “It was the hardest week that I had in the White House.  I almost said, “fuck it”.  I was this close to calling Biden and telling him he’s the President now.  I was going to resign.” Obama pauses, and then continues, “The only thing that stopped me is I didn’t know if that would affect my health insurance.  I need that, so I stuck it out.”

Could this be an explanation for President Trump’s perceived lack of preparation during his first two weeks in office?  Obama seems to think so.  “Of course he’s doing a terrible job.  I’ll say it again… he’s like a retard.  He even took a shit in MY bathroom and didn’t flush.  Who the fuck does that?”

The same question, “Who the fuck does that?” is now being asked about Trump’s alliance with Putin, his emotionally charged tweets, and the overall style in which he has attempted to govern.  The answer is becoming more and more clear.  Trump fucking does that.


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