Trump Unveils Plan for Wall – New Tax Targeting Mexicans will Fund Project & Boost US Manufacturer

Donald Trump promised the people a wall.  Now, he’s ready to deliver on that promise.  Today, Trump unveiled his plan to erect a wall spanning the length of the southern border in under a month and a new tax that will ensure the Mexicans are the ones paying for it.

Trump met with GM officials early yesterday morning to inform them that they will begin producing the El Camino again for the model year 2018.  The El Caminos will carry a 47% sales tax, all of which will go to funding the wall.  GM’s top designer, Lance Bowen, spoke to reporters about the new El Camino and the possibility of working directly with Mr.

El Camino
Mexicans celebrate El Camino.

Trump.  “The El Camino is really cool, especially if you are Mexican.”  Bowen added, “I won’t be working with the President on this.  He’s taken sole ownership of the design process after deciding my version of the car was the ‘Chipotle of El Caminos – NOT REALLY MEXICAN!’

Trump didn’t wait around for Congress to propose the plan in a bill and vote on it.  Instead, he took to his computer and, for the first time ever, tweeted an executive order in under 140 characters.  Trump’s tweet read as follows, “Ola. Wall is coming. Mex is paying. GM building sexy new El Camino. Only Mexicans allowed to buy. That’s an order!”

Mexican leadership is not happy about this ruling and vows to fight until the bitter end.  Mexican Americans (legal and illegal), however, were overcome with joy upon hearing that the El Camino would be back in production.  Jose Gomez (pictured above) was in tears when he got the news.  “I cannot tell you how excited we are about the El Camino making a comeback.  For years, we have had to live in a world with no new El Caminos.  That is no world to bring children into.  Thank you, Mr. Trump!”



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