Aryan Boy Band Finds Unlikely Success on R&B Charts

At first glance Jay Snellgrove, Donny Grant & Phil Woodward look like your typical white supremacists.  The three young men typically wear either a classic white klan robe or black neo-nazi casual wear.  They spend their time talking about segregation and racial purity.  All very  typical behaviors for skin heads.  It’s not until you hear the hateful trio break out into song that you understand that these guys are special.


On stage, they call themselves “Pure White” and their albums are proving to be pure gold.  Their latest effort is a 13 track rhythm & blues masterpiece called “Long Hard Knights” that delivers track after track of libido pumping tunes.  Their first single off the album, “White Lies”, cracked the R&B Top 40 Chart in it’s first week and is expected to gain multiple spots this week.  “We really didn’t expect this kind of response.  We’re very happy that people like it, but it’s kind of bitter sweet because most of our fans are black now,” explained Jay Snellgrove, the lead vocalist.  Donny Grant added, “Yeah.  It’s kind of fucked up when you really think about it.”

As awkward as the situation sounds, a few songs on the album suggest that this isn’t the first time the boys have dabbled in racial mixing.  “The Mulatto Baby We Never Planned For” is a tear-jerking tale written by Phil Woodward.  When asked about the meaning of the song, Phil said “Well, it’s about a mulatto baby that I never planned on having.”  Another track titled, “Shhhh!  Don’t Tell Mama I Rubbed Your Black Booty” tells a story of a modern day, interracial Romeo & Juliet.  This is the tune that’s most likely to make the robes hit the floor.


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